Plant Fertilizer for Nursery Fungicide Pesticide Insecticide Rooting Powder

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Applicable Object: hormone rooting and gels to replicate natural growth conditions in plants and encourge roots to form

Usage: During propagation, rooting should be applied immediately before place your clipping in the soil.

How long it works: within 1-2 weeks, others can take several months.


Applicable Object: controls fungal disease (rusts, mildews and blight)

Usage: 1. Apply fungicides prior to the development of disease

       2. Use shorter spray intervals during weather conducive to plant disease

       3. Apply fungicides before a rain if possible

How long it works: It take few hours or longer period for the fungicide absorbed by the lead or fruit surface. 


Applicable Object: to help crops and gardens grow

Usage: simply apply the fertilizer around the base of the plant, extending to the drip line.

How long it works: generally break down over a period of around 2 - 6 weeks. 


Applicable Object: protecting your plants from pests.Wide range of insecticide, can eliminate hundreds of pests, especially for aphids, mites and nematodes.

Usage: add 1kg of water to each bag for root irrigation Can kill soil pests.

How long it works: depending on the individual spray and the conditions of where it was used. 


Applicable Object: need nutrients to help them grow healthy and beautiful.

Usage: For container-grown succulents - use 1 tea bag per 3 gallons of water, steeped overnight > pour at the base of the plant until it run out the bottom.

How long it works: It take about a week for the improvement to show and last about 3 to 4 weekd. 

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1 x fertilizer

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