(26cm) Baba BI-EG-260 Elegant Series High Quality Biodegradable Flower Pot Round Home Garden Nursery Pasu Bunga Plastik

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Features :
Elegant Series Flower Pot
Suitable for both indoor & outdoor
Simple design that fits in with all interior and landscape
Drainage hole design in different layer to provide good ventilation and drainage
Super High Quality
Thick Biodegradable Plastic
Long Lasting
100% Biodegradable
Brand : Baba

Dimension :
Top (diameter) : 26cm
Height : 21.5cm
Bottom (diameter) : 15cm

About Baba :

Baba products are symbols of beauty, and every pot is meticulously sculpted to possess lightweight and durable qualities. With Baba products, you can easily find a wide selection of pots with unique designs, and innovation. After going through much research and development, Baba came out with a biodegradable, environmentally friendly plastic pot.

Baba's unique biodegradable pots use a special plastic formula which has been approved by the international laboratory to have a high biodegradable quality function that can also withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -17 degree Celsius to 48 degree Celsius.

What Make BABA Insight Plastic Flower Pot a Different One? 

When a Baba Insight Plastic Flower Pot reaches its optimum age limit, the plastic molecules will break down automatically and then decomposed by microbs in the soil. 


Baba's biodegradable pots can be broken down by microorganisms into humus, carbon dioxide and biogas when placed in a microbial environment. Similar to garbage, it can decompose either within an anaerobic (without oxygen and sunlight) or aerobic (with oxygen) environment.

Product Lifespan

Baba’s biodegradable pots will not decompose while they are placed on the shelf or stored in the warehouse. They have to be placed in a microbial environment in order for them to decompose.


Baba’s biodegradable pots can be fully recycled or mixed together with other existing plastic for recycled use.

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