Sprout Plate / Seedling Tray / Nursery Tray to Grow Hydroponics Seedling Tray

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Material: PP Plastic
Characteristic: Breathable corrosion-resistant durable
Application scenario: Balcony office home gardening shopping malls

Fast germination
Suitable for growing wheatgrass & microgreens

Planting step:
1.First soak some seeds in water around 6-8 hours, after then clean them,then drain them.
2.Put a layer of nursery paper in the plate, and wet it.
3.Put the soaked seeds on the seedling paper evenly.
4.Cover a layer of nursery paper on the seeds to keep moist and away from the light.
5.Then covered the chassis, better shading.There is hole in the  both sides that can be ventilated to prevent seed decay
6.When the beans sprouting about 0.5~1cm, remove the first paper, suggest to cover the chassis 2-3 days to prevent too early light lead to fibrosis.

30cm (w) x 23.5cm (l) x 4.5cm (h) x 3.5cm (d) 

Package Contents:
1 x Sprout Plate

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