Expanded Perlite (1L) 60gram 3-7mm 60gram For Cactus & Succulents Planting Soil (Natural Expanded Volcanic Perlite)

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Perlite is a great way to improve drainage of your potting mix.

Drainage and air circulation is crucial for healthy root growth as well as reducing the chances of root disease. Poor drainage is the biggest cause of root rot and root bourne diseases in potted plants.

Perlites are volcanic glass. Perlite creates air pockets in your potting mix which helps with draining out excess water. Roots, soil microorganism and worms all need to breathe and perlite creates the air pockets that help improve air for a healthy soil ecosystem.

Perlite are porous in nature with lots of microscopic holes (think of it like a popcorn). This helps perlite catch nutrients and moisture and reduce leaching.

Most importantly, perlite is light weight and makes your soil nice and fluffy which plants love.

Use Perlite now for your potting mix

It is great for raised beds, pots, hanging baskets, succulents, flowers etc

Package Contents:

1 x 1L Packet Perlite

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